HU-SL-Sugihara18-325-K095 Small Log Mill Kit 18″[45cm][46cm] Sugihara Bar Husqvarna 260, 262, 345XP, 346XP, 353, 357XP, 435, 440e, 550XP, 555XP, 560XP .325 .058 72 drive links [Expected 1st Decemeber – Check Out Panther Mills Which Are In Stock]

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Part Number HU-SL-SUGI18-325-K095 Part Number HU-SL-SUGI18-325-K095 Categories: ,

Complete Small Log Milling kit includes:


  • Granberg Small Log Mill
  • 18″(46cm) Sugihara pro bar BC3T-8J45-A
  • Archer ripping chain .325 .058 72 drive links
  • 4 x 5.5″ K H wedges
  • 2 x 7.5″ K H wedges.

Complete set up to get you started milling with a small log mill. Sugihara bar is one of the toughest we supply. Archer ripping chain is especially adapted ripping chain. Wedges are there to keep the cut open. All you need is the chainsaw and a ladder or similar to get your first cut straight.

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