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Stihl saws – no adapter required

050, 051, 070, 075
076, 08, 084, 090
088, MS880

Husqvarna saws – requires GB914 adapter found here.

2100, 2101, 3120XP


Info on Bar Maintenace can be found here and be sure to watch the video below. It is really worth looking in detail at how a guidebar should be used and maintained and you will get far more life and work out of it.


Need a new nose or want to have one to hand as a spare? Click here for all our noses.

Want to replace the drive rim while you are buying a new bar? You should! Find drive rims by clicking here.


HSSA54-63RQ 54″[136cm] GB Slotted Extra Long 4′ Foot Bar [Stihl+Husqvarna] .404 .063 148 drive links


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GB is one of the only manufacturers in the world capable of producing extra-long bars and variations made for special applications, such as chain saw mills. GB extra-long bars are crafted from solid, high-tech titanium alloy steel with precision-ground grooves are the toughest, most-durable extra-long chain saw bar in the world. These extended-length bars are fitted with GB’s rugged replacement nose sprocket which was originally developed for mechanical harvesting applications.

These bars are multi mount meaning they will fit direct to the large Stihl saws but they will require the adapter GB914 [click here to find this] to fit to the Husqvarna 3120XP.

Bars are slotted for Panther mills but this does not effect general use of cross cutting and non ripping sawing of timber.

‘Good Solid Bar. A good bar which is standing up to the daily use. Thank you’ David Hutchinson

‘Fantastic quality as you would expect from GB bars’ David Rodgers


People don’t tend to wax lyrical about the GB guidebars – they do what they are supposed to do with no fuss or drama.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
john gladstone
Great service

The goods arrived quickly. Everything looks good although I havn't had a time to use it yet

ole skaar

Havent used the mill yet , but looks great

Kevin Rigler
4’ Milling Bar

Great product at good value from Chainsaw Bars as normal

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Please email or call us +44 (0)1590 681259 for sprockets for this chainsaw
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