G781C-U Granberg Mk III to Granberg Mk IV Ultimate Upgrade Kit

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Welcome to the New Mk IV Granberg Alaskan Extension Kit.

This system comes with a set of:

2x 36" profile rails

3x Granberg new style end brackets

2x New style post clamps 4x New style end bracket bosses and fixings

1x 36" stainless handle

1x profile joining kit

Convert your Mk III Alaskan into a Mk IV Alaskan. This new system moves away from having different individual rail sizes - you can extend your existing mill rather than buy a whole new handle and rail set.

Watch a video here on how the mill is extended.

You can mill with a longer bar on a smaller saw by switching to a Lo Pro set up. Set ups are varied and you will need to do some homework to see how to get the most out of your saw.

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