EcoP-36 Eco Milling Package 36″[91cm] EcoMill/7ft[213cm] 1st Cut System/Oiler/Vertical Mill [Expected 2nd July 2020]


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36″ Ecomill, 7ft 1st Cut System, Vertical Mill, Oiler. A very comprehensive kit.

New 36″ Ecomill. Based on the old Alaskan Mill design this mill is for those on a budget and looking to start their chainsaw milling career. Or maybe you’d like a back up mill to take the tops off logs. It will handle chainsaws with bars from 16″[40cm] to 42.”


  • 16″[40cm] bar will give a 8″ cutting width
  • 18″ bar will give a 10″ cutting width
  • 20″ bar will give a 12″ cutting width
  • 24″ bar will give a 16″[40cm] cutting width
  • 28″ bar will give a 20″ cutting width
  • 30″ bar will give a 22″ cutting width
  • 36″ bar will give a 28″ cutting width
  • 42″ bar will give a 34″ cutting width
What size chainsaw do I need?
The bigger the better! You can mill with a longer bar on a smaller chainsaw by switching to a Lo Pro set up. Set ups are varied and you will need to do some research to see how to get the most out of your saw.

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