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Fits the following chainsaws:


CS280EG, CS310ES, CS352ES, CS370ES
CS280, CS290, CS300, CS301, CS302, CS305
CS315, CS328, CS330, CS340, CS341, CS345,
CS346, CS350, CS351, CS360, CS370, CS2600
CS2700, CS2800, CS2900, CS3000, CS3050
CS3350, CS3400, CS3450, CS3500, CS4400
CS304VL, CS351VL, CS280EG, S2600ESC
CS260TSEC, CS285EL, CS270E, CS280E
E155, ECS150, ESC1850FT, S2000

Cannon bar code (starts) C1
Oregon bar code (ends) A041
Sugihara bar code (starts) EM1 and BM1

[ECHO1] BL1M-0L30-A Sugihara Pro Lam 12″[30cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 47 drive links


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Part Number BL1M-0L30-A
Weight 475g
Part Number BL1M-0L30-A Categories: ,
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There are 3 types of Sugihara Guidebar – Pro Laminated, Pro Solid and Light Type pro. Have a look at the second picture above in the gallery to see how these bars differ.

What makes a Sugihara bar so good? This is a difficult question to summarise easily.

Sugihara bars started manufacturing chainsaw bars in 1967 by Hideo Sugihara. Japan has always had a reputation for excellence forging and working steel. Having the knowledge to manufacture quality chainsaw bars is not something that is gained overnight. It is a complex process of which cutting out the initial bar is only one part.

Steel has different properties dependant on how it is heated then cooled. Sugihara bars may go through the process of heating and cooling up to 4 times on different parts of the bar in order to gain maximum performance. The rails need to be accurately cut and hardened but over hardening can make them brittle. The bar body needs to be stiff yet flexible. We have used a number of different chainsaw bars over the years including all the major manufactures. Sugihara bars are the hardest wearing bars out there. Even their laminated bars will outlast rivals.

On the single piece pro and light type bars the hardness of the rails is measured at HRC 60. Compare this to Stihl at HRC 57 and Oregon at HRC 55 and it is clear why these bars last longer. They are so hard they resist most flat files when it comes to bar dressing (we recommend a diamond dressing knife which can be found here).

However bear in mind they are more ‘thoroughbred’ in that if they are mistreated and the bar gets over heated they are more prone to chipping. In the wrong hands these bars have a far shorter lifespan so please be aware of your bar maintenance:

  1. Check your drive rim/drive sprocket BEFORE you buy a new bar – if worn you MUST change this before running a brand new high tolerance bar

  2. Old chains [yes if they have a been used ‘a few’ times this counts as old – must NOT be run on a new bar [or you can but you will likely wear the bar much faster]. If in doubt do not do it.

  3. DO bed in your new bar and allow all the different parts to begin the bedding in process




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Weight 475 g

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Joe Reynolds
AAA+ Impressive

I decided one afternoon to repair my old Jonsered 2033th. Being as it started first pull after siting in the back of the shed for an indeterminate amount of time I figured I'd clean it and buy it a new bar and chain as the old bar was bent! I couldn't find a listing for the 2033th so I emailed the company. The reply came quickly and asked that I furnish information about my particular requirements. This I did and within 24hrs of so doing the 2033th parts were listed for my purchase. The items arrived quickly and well packaged to ensure their perfect condition. I have now used this chain and bar on the 2033th and it is truly sublime. I thoroughly recommend this supplier and thank them for making my transaction smooth and easy.

cedric n palmer

excellent service

Maurice Harper


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