DS G316CHPC 4.8mm[3/16″] Dinasaw Diamond Coarse Grinding Stone for 12V Grinder


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For .325 chains. These diamond grinding stones are the best on the market. The price reflects how long they will last for and the quality of the grind they produce. Use coarse for fast stock removal, fine for general sharpening. These stones generate very little heat at the tooth, they maintain their profile, they do not get clogged or loose sharpness. How long do they last? We have yet to wear ours out!

If you feel they are not worth the extra money return within 1 month of buying and we will replace with x3 packs of the standard grinding stones.

‘These stones are far and above any other saw chain grinding stone we ve tested. The unique ABN coating allows you to remove material quickly with very little heat. The greatest thing about these advantages is that they won t lose their diameter while doing so. The ability to keep their diameter will maintain the correct sharpening geometry which leads to efficient cutting capability.’

A video here on the stones and also the new 12V power packs.

What our customers say:

‘Hi Rob, cheers for getting the diamond stones and power pack out so quick. I used the power pack to start my Bob cat, which it did. Sharpened my echo, and charged my phone to 85% before it ran out of juice. Impressed.

The course diamond stone is very aggressive, which given the state of my chain, was just the job. These grinding stones are much longer than the Granberg stones, which is better for sharpening.’

Murray Taylor


‘I bought the power pack and the fine diamond grinder bit last week, came following day👍

I’ve not needed to try the jump start feature yet but have given my phone a full charge from 3%

Sharpened a 36″ milling chain today with the new sharpening stone, powered by the power pack.

The stone is a big improvement on the previous type, quite a bit longer which I think helps it run much cooler on the chain. The grinder stone/bit is diamond impregnated steel and holds its profile rather than the other stone bits that wear away and lose profile.

I’m really impressed so far, seems to have speeded up the whole process.

The power pack is really easily connected to the 12v grinder by connecting the crocodile clips over the grinders clips, there’s also a set of connectors in the package so you can adapt the grinder lead to plug into the power pack. Something I’ll try when I have the time.

Overall it’s a great setup, really handy bit of kit!’

Simon Archer


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