CL-PT Complete Panther Upright Thrust/Skid End [Large 45mm Profile Mills]


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Part Number CL-PT Part Number CL-PT Category:
  • CM002N Flanged Nyloc M8 Nut
  • CM004N Standard M8 Nuts
  • CM008W Spring Washer M8
  • CM011 Bar Clamp Washer
  • 465343 Square Chrome Plastic Insert
  • 3844 Magnet Flat Retaining
  • CM-A02R Upright Rack Assembly
  • CM035 MkII Saw Guide Thrust Skid
  • 4507 Grub Screw Plain M8x70mm
  • CM038 Upright Extension for Large Mills [PM60/70/80/90/100]
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