AJS-M14 1/4 x9 tooth Rim Sprocket [Makita DCS-3501,4301,460,500,4600,5000,5001,5121,5045,5000,4300,5600,6100,Dolmar PS-350,PS-420,PS-460,PS-500,PS-5000,PS-510,PS-5105,PS-550,PS-6100,PS-4600,PS-4605]


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THE most neglected and least checked part of the bar, chain sprocket combo. Folks will spend £s on new bars and chains and their worn out drive sprocket will wear them 3-5 times as fast. Heat build up/chain de-rail/peened drive links/nose sprocket blow outs can often be attributed to this part. How many times have we heard ‘but the saw is still pretty new?’ – does not matter – if that drive sprocket is worn it is worn so take the time to check it and change it. Also learn the differences between a spur sprocket and rim sprocket – click here for this]



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